What We Do

We connect you to people leading grassroots organizations all over the world, and build direct funding bridges from you to them.


You put your trust in living, breathing human beings vs. a large brand. And you know exactly where your money goes. That’s two ways. There are more.


Inspiring projects in Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Greece, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand


Our story is inspired from the book Drawdown. Our team is global.


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Reimagining art, philanthropy, and women’s empowerment.


We meet people every day who say, “I want to make a difference in this world.”

But for many years, the only option for giving internationally was large aid organizations. This has changed. And we offer a new and different way to feel connected to where your money goes.

We have relationships with local grassroots organizations around the world with leaders who have brilliant ideas for how to solve the specific problems of their unique communities.

These local, grassroots organizations are our sweet spot. We know how to find them, how to vet them, and how to reach them. We know how to listen to what they need. And we know how to get your money directly into their hands.

In 20 years of being in this field, we have seen that the grassroots level is a powerful place for change. But most importantly, giving in this direct way offers a personal connection — so you know exactly the impact your money is making. It’s not a big brand-name experience, but something far more personal.

And it makes our vast world feel much more connected.

Our reach spans 13 countries with over 40 community-led grassroots organizations. Most people are surprised to learn how wide-ranging and innovative the projects we fund are.

From cell phone app development for Laotian farmers, to workshops on reproduction in Burkina Faso, to executive leadership skills for indigenous women in Guatemala, to digital skills training for young women in Indonesia. Each project is unique to the community and the people leading it.

Note: Every person in this video is one of our grantees.


Why the way we give is so important

Why the way we give is so important

For their second grant with us, Click Laos wanted to create an Agriculture Innovation Award as a way to source new and affordable solutions to the problems that farmers across Laos face.

More is Not Always Better

More is Not Always Better

In Laos, a large I-NGO used 1 million dollars to build an cellphone app to empower local farmers to sell directly to the market (and cut out the middleman). They spent 1 million dollars…and it flopped.

How Experience Informs Your Future

How Experience Informs Your Future

Everyone likes to talk about impact. What their support did—and what kind of lasting results they generated. Sure, you can count the new people hired and say you did something.

Our New Director Is a Woman

Our New Director Is a Woman

What you are seeing here is groundbreaking. This is Mingma Yangzi Sherpa, a native of Phaplu, Nepal. She is the very first official Director of the Phaplu Mountain Biking Club.

First Grant Success

First Grant Success

What was expected was that new computers would help students get through their tech-focused classes more easily. But “more easily” translated into significantly faster.