Click Laos, Laos

Click Laos has given us a great example of why the way we give is so important!

For their second grant with us, Click Laos wanted to create an Agriculture Innovation Award as a way to source new and affordable solutions to the problems that farmers across Laos face. The categories for the award were: 

  • Responding to Climate Change
  • Value Chain Value Adding
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Reducing Production Costs
  • Marketing

However, the entry results for the Award weren’t exactly what they hoped they would be; Many of the entries made use of technology that would be far too expensive for the common Laos farmer, and many other entries weren’t proposing anything new.

Instead of choosing proposals that were subpar, just to stick to their proposed timeline, Click Laos decided to slow down. They chose three projects they thought had real potential to create an impact for farmers, and decided to do another, more targeted call-for-proposals by the end of this year. 

In traditional philanthropy, grant makers tend to be very strict when it comes to keeping to the proposed timeline, and any deviation from that is seen as negative. This often leads to projects being rushed, or less-impactful, because the goal is to keep the grant maker happy, rather than do the best job possible. At Move92, all of our grants are flexible. This means that Click Laos knew they could take their time, and extend the initial timeline, without asking for permission and without worrying about how we would react. 

One of our core principals is trust. We trust that our partners have their community’s best interests at heart, and that they know how to create the biggest positive impact. This story is the perfect example of why we work in the way we do!


Why the way we give is so important

Click Laos, Laos