Why It’s Unique

Move92 Grantees

It takes a special kind of person to work with us, because we ask you to trust living, breathing human beings vs. a large, well-known brand. That’s just one place where Move92 is unique. There are others.


All of your grant money goes straight to the community—all of it. This means that if you give a $10,000 grant, $10,000 goes straight into the community you choose, based on a proposal, budget and timelines created in response to your grant.

If anything shifts or changes on the ground, you’re going to hear about it. And you’ll get to hear the direct impact of where your dollars are going in real-time.

You won’t get some generalized annual report sent to you in the mail after-the-fact with flashy, glossy photos. You’re going to the hear the nitty-gritty of what it takes to spend that money in each unique community setting.

That said, we charge a 13% administrative fee for our team to coordinate the proposals, do the catch-up calls and communicate with you around the progress of your grant. But this is clear and upfront. You will not give a grant and then wonder if your money is being used…or where.

Jakarta, Indonesia


We do our reporting through catch-up calls. This means people on the ground are not spending time making complicated spreadsheets and writing reports–but doing the actual work.

Since we use real human-to-human conversations, we can tell you how the funds are being used, what the impact is, and how the team is doing in response to events happening in real-time.

For example, we can ask: “How are your students coping with Sri Lanka’s economic crisis? What supplies are hard to get and how are your students making tradeoffs?” Or “What are your leaders doing in response to the new Guatemalan government’s political attack on NGO funding? Which of your programs are at risk?”

Our reporting is personal, specific, streamlined and real. And you are welcome to join the calls if you have time.

Methare, Kenya

Hard-to-Reach Organizations

We focus on grassroots organizations that are hard to reach. These community leaders are doing brilliant things, but you may or may not be able to find them in a quick Google search.

We have extensive networks that we use find the most well-respected and trusted organizations led by people who are known in their region for doing excellent work. We build relationships with these organizations slowly over time, and vet them carefully.

Building trust in this way means that in our catch-up calls, we hear what really happening vs. receiving a report telling us what they think we want to hear.

Chicheros, Peru

Small, Direct, Flexible Grants

Our grants range from $10,000 to $50,000. This is relatively small in terms of international aid, but we have found that these are ideal amounts to have an lasting impact, while making sure that the community can absorb a grant they can manage.

Often, the organizations we work with don’t have the administrative bandwidth to handle the burdensome reporting typically required by large aid organizations. When you invite a community to offer up their own solutions, you’d be surprised at the impact these smaller grants can have.

Our grants are also flexible. This is important because life happens. Economic crisis. Global pandemics. Catastrophic weather events. Put more succinctly, if the road washes away the week before your workshop, you have to adjust and pivot.

Flexible grants are a big deal because aid money is typically earmarked for certain purposes, and cannot be shifted for anything else. Flexible funding, however, allows an organization to abide by the proposal, but shift things around when needed–without asking for permission.

This is another key way that Move92 grants are different. Organizations don’t need to ask for permission to respond the ever-changing needs of their community. They can send us an email, or update us on the catch-up calls. We trust them to make the right decisions for their situation.