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Phaplu Mountain Bike Club NEPAL

What I See

Mt. Everest towers over the houses of our Nepali village, where nearly one person from each household works in the trekking industry.

When the pandemic hit, many of our young people began working construction (to support their families).

But even before the pandemic, kids quit school to do construction on the various urban development projects happening in the region.

The Idea

We needed a way to enable kids to stay kids. And we wanted offer a compelling reason for our children to stay here and finish their studies. So we built a mountain biking pump track (training facility).

The track is only a few months old, and is already a success. Our children have been lining up daily after school to use it, and it naturally has become the new social center of our community.


Our vision with this project is long-ranging and multi-fold. We will use the pump track to: train our young people as mountain biking athletes competing nationally and internationally and help them become mountain biking guides.

We will also use it to keep our boys and girls in school, and slowly create a new mountain biking livelihood in our region which is already starting take shape.

We also hope to make the pump track training part of the local school’s sports curriculum, and use the track as a community center to run other creative programs like arts and music.

This vision is that impact is not directly related to one single action, but the combination of interventions from different stakeholders, each doing their part.

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