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What I See

Sri Lankan girls and young women carry the unique burden of a society which has lived through 30 years of war.

In addition to having to view sexual violence, poverty, and loss of their homes as a “normal thing,” women and girls must overcome society’s low expectations for their gender.

Sri Lankan women are expected to get married, follow traditional occupations, and not be too ambitious or confident in their educational goals.


The Idea

We are working to shift that trajectory.

We offer education programs tailored uniquely to women and girls, and pair this with workshops that help them to reflect on their lives, understand their pain, and realize their unbounded and untapped inner strength.


Our goal is to offer women and girls the opportunity to develop a third path outside of wife and daughter, and to inspire them to contribute their talents to society in new ways.

We offer education—but also a sense of empowerment for personal change and growth. Through group lessons and shared trauma, we take the very common self-talk of “what’s wrong with me?” and transform it.

Even though we’ve been in operation since 2019, we take a long view, as we know the true impact will happen once our youth have completed University.

Our vision is to keep feminism alive in Sri Lanka, and let our women and girls know they are qualified to lead the way.

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