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What I See

Women small business owners in Bolivia are talented and resourceful. And the recent interruption in international tourism revealed how important digital marketing skills are for demonstrating Bolivian creativity and a commitment to quality.

The Idea

This type of marketing thinking and online skillset are no longer “nice to have.” They are now critical to maintaining and growing a business here.

We are working with an initial group of 24 female small business owners. These women run everything from fabric businesses, to music schools, to groceries, to restaurants, to boutique hostels.

They were hand-picked for their values, and they work with us either as individuals, or as “duos”– a central part of Andean culture where sisters, neighbors, or friends cooperate and collaborate.

Long Term

We offer communication audits, marketing message planning, and social media/digital training.

Our goal is to help these entrepreneurs grow their businesses long-term, and establish this skill set in their broader communities.

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