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Africa Solidarity Fund AFRICA

What I See

Africa’s natural resources power the world’s economy, but the legacy of colonialism and its extractive models still ravages our continent.

Climate change also looms large and is predicted to continue affecting how our people are nourished and our overall water supply. We are ripe for more sustainable models. And we see an opportunity.

The Idea

Africa has a rich tradition of activism. And with 60% of our population under 25, we see an opportunity to support an emerging group of community leaders.

These leaders are activists who are already building new paradigms and creating new approaches.

They are visionaries working to make sure that people’s rights are not violated, and that the ecosystems of the planet are protected.

They are people committed to connecting to Ancient wisdom, challenging old patriarchal ideas, and promoting women’s rights to dignity, land, and livelihood. And they need support.


For these leaders, we offer three things:
1) Direct grants to support their projects,

2) In-country networking and organizing to grow their connections, and

3) An online platform to encourage solidarity, inter-generational dialogue, and learning across communities.

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