Seres – Guatemala

We have trained more than 5,500 youth, and 100 multi-lingual trainers with sustainability and leadership competencies.

This movement has created hundreds of community action plans, impacting over 90,000 people, planting more than 36,000 trees, holding 40 community forums, implementing 15 community gardens, and many more actions that mobilize their community for change.

With our recent Move92 grant, we funding conference travel, staff training, small grants for youth action plans, general operating expenses (e.g. social media), legal services to establish our subsidiary in El Salvador, and regional travel.

Few people invest in “overhead” like this, but it creating impact and social change requires much more time than you would give a “normal job”, so investing in the people of our team is essential. We have to make opportunities for our staff to co-learn and co-create together, constantly training our leaders to keep up with innovation worldwide.

Here is a video about our work:

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