Purple Code Collective – Indonesia

Rapidly advancing internet technologies have a significant impact on privacy rights. The practice of using data for AI, big data, and other development trends have become common, but we see the absence of gender and feminist perspective in the issue of privacy in Indonesia. The internet is still seen through a male-dominated lens.

Even so, teenagers are hungry for information on how to stay safe online as rapidly advancing technology penetrates our lives. We recently hosted Digital Security & Girls Leadership Academy that sold out with 35 in attendance and a waiting list. We are currently planning a series of workshops and creating a Privacy Handbook to help girls & women and non-binary people know how to protect their rights to privacy in a digital society.

Our most recent grant allowed the Purple Code Collective to hire new staff, and host an all-team retreat. This retreat allowed the team to take a step back, breathe, and develop some longer-term strategy. With these new staff, we were able to conduct surveys, publish books on Gender & Privacy and OBGV, recruit and train members or an OGBV taskforce, and host teaching sessions and webinars.

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