Phaplu Mountain Bike Club – Nepal

With our recent Move92 grant, we decided to do something unusual. We built a mountain biking Pump Track in the center of our village. It has been very popular. We have kids lining up patiently to wait their turn to ride the track every day after school.

The goal of the pump track (and the Phaplu Mountain Bike Club) is to introduce the young children of Phaplu to the sport of mountain biking, but more importantly, to make riding the Pump Track an incentive to stay in school.

It is working.
We have created a sense of community amongst the kids–girls and boys—and what’s emerging is a gathering place to offer more after-school learning.
The larger vision is to create a new livelihood in our region. Training at the Pump Track and on the trails will expose our young people to the skills to compete professionally, work as mountain biking guides, become mechanics, or even run their own mountain biking tour companies.
As the mountain biking culture and tourism grows in the region, having these skills will open great personal and professional opportunities.

This Pump Track has introduced a new vitality in our village. And we hosted our first mountain biking invitational this past year. It drew people from outsidethis regionas well as international competitors.

Here is a short video, so you can envision it: Click to see the Video

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