Paamoja Initiative – Kenya

The leadership staff at Paamoja grew up here in Mathare. We have been away for our education, but have returned to make sure our young people have the information and skills they need. Giving back is something we show our young people every day, by example.

Our recent MOVE92 grant funded vital research. Over the years, we have noticed that male facilitators have been more consistent and have performed at a higher level than their female counterparts.

In addition, the data shows that even after supporting both girls and boys to attend the best schools in Kenya, boys transition from high school to post-secondary schools and from post-secondary to the job market at a higher rate than girls do. A spot-check in different community organisations has more men leading the organisations than women.

Interestingly enough, Mathare’s economy is run by women. Approximately, 75% of households are made up of single mothers who mainly sell a traditional brew, Changa’a, and anything that helps to produce it including sugar, firewood, water and other necessary ingredients.

Women basically run their families, their businesses and the community at large. But they aren’t in leadership positions. We wanted to know why this was happening—and more importantly, what to do about it.

Our recent grant funded the development of a qualitative questionnaire, and the work 10 research assistants who led focus group discussions and key informant interviews in 3 wards within Mathare Sub-County. 150 respondents answered the questionnaire and the team interviewed 20 key informants. The data was then shared back with the community. This was an important step that deepens trust.
Our findings and recommendations can be found in the PDF here.

And here is a video about our work: Click to see video

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