Oasis Mathare – Kenya

In Mathare, a bustling informal settlement in Nairobi, life comes with its fair share of challenges. From poor housing and inadequate sanitation to limited health facilities, the community faces obstacles at every turn. With a whopping 79% youth population, unemployment is widespread, pushing many into activities like drugs, violence, and commercial sex work. The root causes of poverty here are linked to high unemployment and illiteracy rates, as many young people struggle to complete formal education due to attendance issues, lack of funds, and an unfriendly learning environment. Enter Oasis Mathare, a youth-led grassroots organization dedicated to finding practical solutions to reduce illiteracy and poverty, addressing the unique challenges faced by the youth and children in Mathare.

Oasis Mathare (OM) takes a hands-on approach to eradicate illiteracy and poverty by enhancing the quality of education and providing essential skills training. With four distinct interventions, OM aims to transform the lives of children and youths using different approaches tailored to their specific needs, all rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the community.

Recently, Oasis Mathare received a grant from Move92, enabling the organization to acquire new computers and a high-quality camera. These resources proved invaluable, allowing participants in the Youth Economic Empowerment program to complete their coursework in just seven and a half months instead of the usual nine. This not only gave them extra time to get creative with their final projects but also allowed the organization to record high-quality video footage for social media and marketing. As a result, Oasis Mathare is gaining more recognition within Nairobi and engaging in conversations with new potential donors, propelling their mission forward.

In conclusion, Oasis Mathare is making a real impact in Mathare by offering tangible solutions to the community’s challenges. With youth-led initiatives, targeted interventions, and support from organizations like Move92, Oasis Mathare is on a mission to create positive change and brighter futures for the youth and children of Mathare. Join us in our journey to make a difference!

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