Maia Impact School – Guatemala

MAIA’s Impact School is Central America’s first secondary school for indigenous girls specifically designed to unlock and maximize their potential to lead transformational change.

And we are already “proving the concept.” We are among just a handful of organizations of this size that is led and run by Mayan women from the communities it serves.

With our recent Move92 grant, we thought we would be focusing on creating relationships with private sector leaders to identify opportunities
for MAIA graduates, and focusing on the digital literacy skills of our graduates.

Then COVID hit. We pivoted and used the grant for staff salaries and school utilities, but our Girl Pioneers continued to demonstrate their ingenuity.

Specifically, our Girl Pioneers set up community libraries and hygiene stations in their towns (while schools were shut-down), identified 270 of the most vulnerable households in their communities and set up a program to deliver food support to those who need it most, and launched a family garden pilot program to model how each family could address many nutritional needs through small-plot organic gardening during the pandemic.

Since then, 100 more families have been trained on how to plant their own gardens to sustainably address food insecurity. (Guatemala already experiences the highest levels of chronic malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere).

Here is a video that shares some of the importance of what we do:

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