Jass – Guatemala

For our most recent Move92 grant, we set the stage for planning a National Day for the Survivors of War and Genocide.

This was a collaboration with CONAVIGUA (The National Coordination of Widows from Guatemala) an organization founded in 1988 in the face of forced disappearances, militarization, and genocide of the Mayan people.

We conducted a strategy session to reflect, analyze and prepare for this day of honor with 80 participants. These participants were mostly young people—the daughters and sons of the disappeared men and women.

We also provided food, medicinal plants and seeds to allies from Chimaltenango, San Martin Jilotepeque and Comalapa—using that opportunity to talk about the importance of food sovereignty.

Our work culminated with 2 workshops with young people in Comalapa on memory and history.

Here is a video that describes how we work (and why):

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