Finding Refuge – Greece

With our recent Move92 grant, we conducted an interview-based research project. We wanted to understand the needs of our refugee and asylum seeker population more deeply, and to see where the gaps in services are.

We were also looking for places we could collaborate with other organizations who serve our refugees and asylum seekers.

We interviewed all residents of The Duniya House (which houses men, women and families) and did face-to-face interviews of families living in urban squats. We also did phone interviews of several people in the refugee camps.

Our questions asked about current living situations, basic needs that are or aren’t being met and organizations that have been helpful along the way (medical, legal, food assistance, education and others). These were personal interviews done in each person’s native language. We spent time understanding the unique aspects of each person’s situation.

We are still compiling the data, but several clear trends are emerging.

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