Ezhuvaal – Sri Lanka

Our goal is to offer women and girls the opportunity to develop a third path outside of wife and daughter, and to inspire them to contribute their talents to society in new ways.

We offer a residential college prep experience–(academics, arts, sports)–but also a sense of empowerment for personal change and growth. Through a curriculum of group lessons and shared trauma, we take the common self-talk of “What’s wrong with me?” and transform it into “What would I like to do, lead, or create next?”

Our most recent Move92 grant has funded a lot of different initiatives all done to expand our program and reach more young women. We are moving our curriculum and best practices into a Community College setting so we can involve youth from other parts of Sri Lanka.

We are offering scholarships to our graduates so they can go onto University or vocational studies. And we are using the grant to fund core staff positions and activities, which is even more critical in context of Sri Lanka’s collapsing economy.

Supporting and investing in critical staff who offer the long-term leadership to our program (who themselves came from vulnerable or marginalized communities) is an important piece the vitality of our program. And it’s power.

Here is a short video with Darshan Ambalavanar talking about our program and how we think about it. Click to see the Video

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