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With our recent Move92 grant, we built a mobile app to address the problem that most small farmers have. Namely, to understand market demand and the farm gate prices of different commodities across different areas.

Here is an example: If a buyer asked how many tons of cabbage the farmers have next week or how many tons can the farmer supply monthly, most of the farmer groups couldn’t make such estimation immediately. The head of the farmers’ group would have needed to gather information from their members first to provide such simple answers to the buyers.

In addition, buyers always want to know the farm gate prices of different commodities in different areas. Without this information being easy to find, farmers were losing opportunities to engage buyers.

Our app is designed to coordinate information between buyers and farmers for crops like bush bean, cabbage, carrot, Chinese cabbage, spring onion, fresh chili, coriander, morning glory, mung bean, amaranth, asparagus, bitter gourd, coffee, tea, sticky rice, black sticky rice, jasmine rice, soybean, cassava, sugarcane, maize, chicken, duck, goat and pig and more. It connects buyers and farmers directly. It has been tested by over 100 farmers and is now in full use.

You can find the app for free on the Apple App Store: LFN Mart

Here is a recent video of our work: Click to see the video

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