Chiwiña – Bolivia

With our recent Move92 grant, we worked with 24 female business owners Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna (Lake Titikaka), and La Paz and El Alto.

These women ran hostels, grocery stores, handicraft businesses, artisanal food (like coffee, wine and smoked meat), fashion boutiques, organic greenhouses and local family restaurants. No business was exactly the same, but all of their businesses had suffered during the pandemic.

We did an audit of their branding materials, redesigned their logos and materials (depending on what they needed), and built promotional kits for their communications and social media. You can see a link to our work below.

We then did group trainings on social media and promotions—bringing this group of women together for two separate weekends to meet other small business owners and share ideas.

This project sounds simple, but it was very powerful in taking these women to another level of professionalism.

And the weekend encounters allowed them to meet each other and network in a way they rarely (if ever) get to do—especially the women living in rural areas.

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