Beam – Thailand

We are very proud of many people and many things:1000 migrant children each year are given standardized testing to continue their schooling, 400 students graduate each year from our vocational training program in Thailand and Myanmar, 41 students graduate from university each year in Thailand.

70 local partner organizations are in our network across Myanmar and Thailand, 12 years ago we started working and never stopped, 7 years we’ve spent lobbying the Thai and Myanmar governments until they formed a working group to allow migrant children to attend any school, 6 social enterprises have been launched by our graduates in remote areas, 4 generations of people are impacted when we deliver vocational training to one woman, and 3 educational policies have been developed by us that have become law in Thailand and Myanmar.

Our most recent Move92 grant was to help us address the COVID crises in the migrant communities here. This meant building online networks to help distribute food and coordinate resources to keep women-led social enterprises open. We delivered supplies like masks and sanitizing equipment and created a distribution channels to get them to people in remote areas. We got accurate information out to factory workers, and set up watch-dog reporting to make sure that our most vulnerable were monitored and supported against discrimination during this crisis.

Doing all these things were not exactly within our “educational” mission, but they were things needed to be done. And we had the relationships of trust to make these things happen.

Here are two videos that will give you a better sense of the people we are dedicated to:

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