Aman – Indonesia

Our willingness to always look outside the box has enabled us to open and operate 39 Women’s Schools for Peace and 10 Peace Leaders and Girls Ambassadors for Peace groups.

We also lead the Working Group on Women and Countering Violent Extremism, which aims to strengthen gender perspectives in preventing/countering violent extremism.

Our most recent Move92 grant allowed us to create the film, She Builds Peace:Mind Her Story, Lead the Change, Shape the Future”, a documentary on how women contribute significantly to conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the conflict-affected community. The project is linked to global #shebuildpeace campaign led by ICAN.

But equally important was the outreach to the younger generation, so we created a talk show-style podcast, where our country director, Ruby Kholifah, invites grassroots peacebuilders from diverse backgrounds and regions in Indonesia to talk about the nuances of their work.

We have worked hard to launch this campaign on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) with the goal of creating alternative narratives against conservative and radical messaging that discredit women—and sending more positive messages to a younger, more connected audience.

Our Instagram with videos is here:

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