Africa Solidarity Fund – South Africa

The community leaders we support are committed to connecting to Ancient wisdom, challenging old patriarchal ideas, and promoting women’s rights to dignity, land, and livelihood.

As the African Solidarity Fund, we offer three things: 1) Direct grants to support their projects,2) In-country networking and organizing to grow their connections, and3) An online platform to encourage solidarity, inter-generational dialogue, and learning across communities.

Our recent Move92 grant allowed us to support two different groups. One a small Khosian community (indigenous) in Namibia. And the other, a small group of young activists in Limpopo province in South Africa.

For the Khosian community, we are giving a grant to help Pops Muhammed (well-known South African musician) create a documentary about the Khosian and why they are so relevant to the global climate crisis we face. This grant will also support the Khoisan youth network to challenge and hopefully stop a Canadian oil company who is drilling in an extremely biodiverse area (a UNESCO world heritage site). This place is also an important spiritual site for the Khoisan.

The grant for the young activists is to support them mapping all of the sacred sites for an area slated for Chinese coal factory development. Their region is extremely biodiverse, has a lot of natural sacred sites, and is next to key rivers. Their work is to counter the South African government and investors who are trying to push economic development in the area, the kinds of development that they have seen lead to the decimation of nature and sickness in surrounding communities.

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