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Our grantmakers come from a diverse pool.


Some are interested in seeding deep change. Others are focused on addressing a specific regional issue.

As individuals or together with their team, these are the people making cool things happen:

I want to leave here having done something really powerful for the world. And putting funds directly in the hands of women and girls is the one thing that has been proven to have a lasting impact on the earth.
I think of Move92’s work as an important piece of the large puzzle in terms of climate change.
And I’ve been inspired by the tenacity and smarts of every single leader I’ve met.
Hal, 74
San Francisco, United States
I have a strong personal connection with Greece. I wanted to channel my philanthropic dollars to refugees and asylum-seekers who are homeless in Athens. But I approached many large aid organizations, and they told me they couldn’t help me. I felt really stuck.
Then I met Move92.
They did research to understand who is addressing this issue at the ground level. Once they were confident with who was doing this work well, they brought me their recommendations, and I got to choose.
I am impressed with the organizations I am funding in Athens now. I knew there was more I could be doing. Now, I’m funding real needs of real people, and making something positive happen for a city I love.
Julianne, 52
Christchurch, New Zealand
Philanthropy is an important cornerstone of our value system at Sixteenth Street. We think long-term and impact with each of our investments, so why would we look at creating a positive social change differently?
We believe in partnering with exceptional management teams who have the knowledge and capability to do what they do best.
Our partnership with Move92 allows us to identify existing local organizations that require the capital, counsel, and connections to thrive. We are excited to have this partnership to do this with a group of people we trust.
Rashmi, 32
Sixteenth Street Capital, Singapore