Oasis Methare, Kenya

Oasis Mathare (OM) has completed their very first grant with Move92! And the $5,000 grant for new computers and video camera equipment has already had benefits no one expected.

What was expected was that new computers would help students get through their tech-focused classes more easily. But “more easily” translated into significantly faster. Students were able to complete the course work in 7.5 months instead of 9, and this meant that they could spend the rest of the time working on improving and refining their final projects.

The high quality cameras have also been key in letting others truly “see” what OM offers the community–using video. The new videos been used to attract new donors, and have been extremely effective in promoting OM locally. OM has seen a dramatic uptick of people applying to their programs since they been embedding videos in their outreach materials.

Video Excerpts from the Catch-Up Call

They also have lots of people stopping in to check out what’s going on, both from within their community and from other communities. They even had two college graduates stop in (who are not from Mathare).

These young men had to stop in in-person, because they had seen a video where the OM students were doing more with robotics than these two young men were able to do after finishing an undergraduate program in tech. They had to come see it with their own eyes.

For more information: https://www.oasismathare.org/


First Grant Success

Oasis Methare, Kenya