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We love getting to share who are partners are and the amazing work they are do. Listen to the director of @wings_guatemala director, Dr. Rodrigo Barillas, explain what they do.

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“As we know, in conflict areas, women are always on the frontline to help with the conflict resolution. But at the peace table, women are neglected”

Check out this quick video to hear Hanifah Haris discuss what our partner, Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) is doing to support the work, and promote the recognition, of women peace-keepers in Indonesia.

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During a conversation with Dhyta Caturani, of @purplecode_id, we asked her what makes for an effective donor and her answer was short and simple. Ask. Ask about what's going on in the community and what the needs are. So simple. If you were to do a google search of that same question right now, most of the results focus on you the donor, and not on the communities you are trying to support. Very few of the results discuss leading with curiosity and listening to what's happening on the ground. This is a big reason we at Move92 strongly believe that global philanthropy needs a major culture shift. A shift away from the donor's personal agenda, and towards the actual needs of the communities we want to support.

What else do you think makes for an effective donor?

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The Move92 team are all excited to cheer on @anton.cooper in his Olympic mountain bike race later today. Anton spoke at our recent fundraiser for @phaplumtbclub and he now has a lot of new fans in Nepal. A global audience will be sending you good vibes today Anton!!!! ...

What do you think?

A few weeks ago, at the end of a meeting, we had a really interesting discussion on what solidarity is and what it isn't. Solidarity is one of the words that sounds nice, is used often, and is usually really vague. We want to hear about your stories of solidarity? When have you stood in solidarity with others? When have others stood in solidarity with you? What did it look like?

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Meet Ruby!

Ruby Kholifah is the Secretary General of The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), one of our partners in Indonesia. Ruby is a peacebuilder and has focused her efforts on interfaith peace efforts in Indonesia, and ensuring that women have a strong role in the process of peacebuilding.

We worked with Ruby and AMAN to provide them with flexible funding that they used to ensure the government was still prioritizing gender-based issues throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as working with communities to repurpose abandoned land into farms and gardens to relieve food shortages.

Learn more about AMAN and all of our other wonderful partners on our website!

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