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The Move92 team are all excited to cheer on @anton.cooper in his Olympic mountain bike race later today. Anton spoke at our recent fundraiser for @phaplumtbclub and he now has a lot of new fans in Nepal. A global audience will be sending you good vibes today Anton!!!! ...

What do you think?

A few weeks ago, at the end of a meeting, we had a really interesting discussion on what solidarity is and what it isn't. Solidarity is one of the words that sounds nice, is used often, and is usually really vague. We want to hear about your stories of solidarity? When have you stood in solidarity with others? When have others stood in solidarity with you? What did it look like?

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Meet Ruby!

Ruby Kholifah is the Secretary General of The Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN), one of our partners in Indonesia. Ruby is a peacebuilder and has focused her efforts on interfaith peace efforts in Indonesia, and ensuring that women have a strong role in the process of peacebuilding.

We worked with Ruby and AMAN to provide them with flexible funding that they used to ensure the government was still prioritizing gender-based issues throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as working with communities to repurpose abandoned land into farms and gardens to relieve food shortages.

Learn more about AMAN and all of our other wonderful partners on our website!

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Our friend @rodrigobarillas, from WINGS Guatemala, is visiting one of their health clinics in Guatemala City. This clinic offers education, and sexual health and reproduction services to the local community to help prevent unwanted births, especially for youth. In that community, 52% of mothers giving birth are between the ages of 14-19 years old. @wings_guatemala

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Give this post a like if you also recognize the equality and full humanity of women and men

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Here's another question we get often: What exactly IS a local leader?

At Move92, our network is dynamic and diverse, spanning the globe, reaching corners that are often untouched by traditional methods of international aid.

Our trusted local leaders are tackling issues in their community that only they can define and address. And we celebrate their local knowledge by listening to their stories and solutions.

We talk about local leaders because they are real people with real visions. But we don’t fund them personally—we fund their organizations. And we support them as leaders.

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Have you heard of WINGS?

The Women's International Network for Guatemala Solutions, or WINGS for short, is one of earliest partners. As the name suggests they serve women in Guatemala by providing them with free health care. In 1999 WINGS was born out of the lack of NGOs in Guatemala that were providing family planning services. Today they offer all kinds of services related to women's health and family planning all at no cost to the local community.

Keep up the amazing work @wings_guatemala

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Please join us for this important event to hear stories related to the current situation in Myanmar. Link in bio.

In February 2021, the Myanmar Military Junta committed a violent coup removing the democratically elected government. Since then the government has killed hundreds of civilians and violently attack peaceful protestors every day. Regardless of the risks, the people of Myanmar continue to fight back against the military junta in an effort to bring back the democracy they demand.

In this event, three storytellers from Myanmar will share their stories to help you understand what people are experiencing now and have been experiencing under the reign of the violent military since the inception of the country.

Not only will you get a chance to hear their stories we will also be bringing you performances from two different musical performances. At the beginning of each story, the storyteller will pose a question to the audience, which you will get to discuss in small groups with other event participants.

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Here's a question we often get: Why should grantmakers give directly to local organizations instead or larger INGOs?

Giving funds directly to a local leader ensures that your money is going to someone who knows the in’s and out’s of what their community needs. And how best to serve the real people living in their community.

Giving directly avoids the problem of western ideas being foisted on a community where they won’t actually work. And it puts you closer to the reality of the situation, allowing you an opportunity for you to learn about situations on the ground.

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