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#repost from one of our partners in Guatemala:

"At MAIA, Girl Pioneers learn from a culturally curated curriculum that is contextualized to the realities of indigenous girls from rural Guatemala. They learn from educators and mentors who come from the same realities as them that act as role models. We also ensure that their learning experience is globalized, applying local know-how to learn about global issues, preparing them for a future dynamic job market."

We love and support the work of @Maia_impact to empower women in Guatemala and are proud to partner with them.

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Move92 Executive Director, Geneva Pritchard, explains a concept that is core to our work. If you work with local leaders you trust, who connect you to local leaders they trust, who connect you to local leaders they trust... eventually you get to the "local local" leaders, who are working at the core of social issues in their community.

It's the trust-based networks of local leaders that are essential to moving forward real change for communities. These networks allow for Move92 to work with incredible people all around the world so we can support their movements.

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a Nigerian author and activist who uses her incredible storytelling abilities to promote feminism and gender equality around the world. Through her various novels and viral TED Talks, Chimamanda uses her platform to tell unique stories that highlight the diversity of the human experience, as well as promote feminist ideas.

Check out her work to learn more about this prolific African activist!

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Have you heard of our partner SWAN? They're a group of powerful women who are doing what ever it takes to support their people.

The Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN) is a network of Shan women active along the Thai-Burma border responding to the needs of displaced Shan people with the aim of working together for social and political change in Burma. Due to Burma’s military regime and its massacres and systematic rape used to subjugate and terrorize the Shan communities, hundreds of thousands of Shan people have been fleeing into Thailand. Such horror, turmoil, painful experiences and exploitative situation have been the drive to form the Shan Women’s Action Network, also known as SWAN.

Today SWAN has their Women's Empowerment Program, which seeks to challenge entrenched patriarchal misconceptions depicting women as inferior members of society. They also have their Women's Wellbeing Program, which provides health and social services to Shan women who have been displaced. Lastly they have an education program which provides classes to Shan children who are living as refugees in Thailand.

Check them out on Facebook or visit their website to learn more about who they are and what they do.


Dhyta Caturani is a local leader we LOVE getting to work with. Every time we have a call with Dhyta we leave it feeling inspired and wishing we were as cool as she is!

Dhyta is badass feminist from Indonesia who started the organization Purple Code, a collective working towards a Feminist Internet as a continuum of our on-the-ground struggle. The help to create safe and brave spaces, teach people how to code and are in the process of creating a generation of digitally literate activists.

To keep up with their work follow them @purplecode_id

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Women make the world go round. It's going to take everyone's intentional effort to reduce the gender gap. The current state of the gap is completely unacceptable.

Do you agree?

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A few months ago Move92 and @himalayantrustnz gave a collaborative grant to @phaplumtbclub to build a pump track as a way of addressing increased school drop out rates in the lower Everest Region. This was an entirely locally led initiative - and we were so inspired by this creative idea to address education vs a typical thought of needing more schools or teachers. The Pump Track is now up running and WOW we are full of joy seeing the photos and stories! This initiative employs out of work porters, brings community together, empowers boys and girls in a new athletic endeavour that build confidence and breaks down gender barriers, it addresses immediate needs of school drop out rates today and for generations to come. We are so honoured to be involved in this - and it is a perfect example of trust based, direct giving making a HUGE impact in a community. ...

We see this in our work every day. The powerful women leaders that we partner with display outstanding amounts of empathy and compassion in the tireless work they do for their communities. These are leaders we are proud to work with.

To find out more about our partners and the incredible leaders we work with visit our website and follow our social media channels.

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#Repost from one of our partners in Guatemala, @womens_justice

"We first met Carmen and Blanca several years ago, when they participated in WJI’s Adolescent Girls Program. Although both girls have faced many challenges in life, they have drawn upon the lessons and confidence that they gained with WJI to achieve their goals and postpone marriage.

Carmen created a business selling tortillas and beauty products with her sister, and when sales began to plummet due to COVID-19, she found a way to make home deliveries instead. Meanwhile, Blanca was encouraged by WJI to continue her studies, and after interning with WJI during the week and attending classes on the weekends, she was able to achieve her goal of graduating from high school in 2018! Stories like these inspire us to continue the work that we do. Click here to read more about Carmen and Blanca: http://ow.ly/x16Z50E5GAH"

Thanks for sharing @womens_justice! We love this story and it inspires us too.

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Drawdown was the book that actually inspired Move92 into being. After reading it, our founder felt it was clear that in order to make the greatest impact possible on the world, we needed to support female leadership around the world, at a local level. While our scope is now bigger than just female leadership, we still add a gender lens to all of our work.

Check out our website to learn more about our story and how we work. www.move92.org

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