The Art

Sri Lanka


Siren Shrine


Quilted tapestry


100 x 134.62 cm

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Artist Statement

With this work, I considered a world where every woman experiences equity. A vision that sometimes feels very far away but also flickers with hope all around me. To create the piece Siren Shrine, I assembled a still life through quilting.

I combine shrine-making and quilting because they both hold a strong tradition in storytelling. Shrines help us to hold onto our histories while also asking us to dream of something more. Through the generative potential of stories and visualization, I invite viewers to consider the conduits for the future they wish to see.

About The Artist

Aruni Dharmakirthi

Aruni Dharmakirthi is a Sri Lankan-born textile and digital artist based in Brooklyn, NY, whose work has been shown nationally and internationally in galleries including Disjecta, PICA, and Nationale in Portland, OR; Transmitter Gallery and Housing in Brooklyn, NY; the School of Art Gallery at the University of Manitoba, Canada and Saskia Fernando Gallery, Sri Lanka.

Dharmakirthi received an MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2017. She has participated as an artist in residence at the Bric Workspace Residency (NY), Centrum Emerging Artist In Residence (WA), and Caldera PNCA MFA Residency (OR), and has received an Equity Award by the American Craft Council, as well as a grant from the Udayshanth Fernando Foundation (UFF) in association with Saskia Fernando Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Process

The Interview

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