The Art

South Africa


At least I'm not alone


Mixed media on paper


111 x 142 cm

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Artist Statement

The utilitarian pot. A tool woman have been using unassumingly to manifest new realities. Fragments of self scattered between familiar places. Mirrors of mothers that carry hope. Experiencing multiple realities at once. Allowing for all things to be true. Here lies containers that mimic new places. Finding contentment in present moments; while dreaming of new.

About The Artist

Boemo Diale

Boemo Diale is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up navigating different racial structures in Rustenburg, Mafikeng and the suburbs of Johannesburg. Her works interrogate the inner workings of her child self that existed in liminal spaces between rural and urban. Her works reflect nuances of gender, race, culture, identity, mental health and spirituality. The works are often playful, a colourful exploration of race, gender, spirituality and identity

The Process

The Interview

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