The Art



Amira, Abigail, Rebecca, Celeste, Diya, Liu, Lowanna, Sigrid and Yuriana


Acrylic, Gloss Medium, Collage, Gouache, Ink and Paint Marker on Canvas.


60x 60 cms

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Artist Statement

These are the 9 pieces I developed for MOVE92's auction fundraiser that will take place in Seattle. Each of these artworks are the same size, because all women should be treated equally regardless on how society perceives their value and success. Throughout my work process, these pieces became very special to me; I thought about all thewomen I have met in my life, as well as the ones I haven't yet, and the ones who fight daily to reach their dreams and achieve equality. I named each one of these compositions inspired by women and young girls from around the world. In addition, I wrote a different short story that belongs to each of them. Thank you MOVE92 for choosing my work to help communities, women and girls reach their dreams they all deserve. I am honored for this opportunity to create art that is inspired by women.

Cynthia Pareja Dubin August, 2023.

AMIRA - Amira is a passionate philantropist that devotes her time investing the wealth her husband and she accrued together in the businesses of less fortunate women around the world.
Her children and their families are each independent, and so she could not see any better way to spend the rest of her life.

LIU - The supportive yet critical fashionista.
She has reached the point in her career where she is paid for her opinion. She asks the questions.

REBECCA - The unlikely oligarch build her base from nothing, cleaning houses until she realized with her sister and girlfriends that they didnt need their manager.
They opened their own wage-share cleaning service, grew it into an interior design firm inspired by the wealthy people's houses they cleaned for years.

SIGRID - She is a fervered environmentalist. Her days are spent planting and protecting ecosystems.
She would rather give home to a child already on this Earth than indulging the vanity of making a new one, even if she could.

YURIANA - The strong single mother.
Her mind is swirling with so many thoughts, priorities, possibilities and doubts, but stays grounded in very well defined, concrete goals. Her focus is unwavering.

DIYA - Diya was a victim of domestic violence, because she felt too much for the people that hurt her.
That poor decision lead to others, but she has pieced herself back together to the point that she can finally say she is proud of her life and the journey that brought her here. Her poems reveal the beautiful person beneath all the damage.

LOWANNA - Lowanna is a marine biologist that spends most of her time observing and photographing the great barrier reef.
She paid the education her parents wished for her but couldn't afford selling her photography work of everything from real estate to wildlife.
She hopes for love but wonders how she will find it spending most of the days under the sea..

CELESTE - Celeste is a therapist, mother and grandmother. She has devoted her life to improving the lives of those around her and the people she loves.
She volunteers at a local domestic violence shelter; each of their stories is equally valid and she collects them in her heart of boundless compassion.

ABIGAIL - She is a college student with hopeful aspirations, exhuberant with a new sense of freedom.
Her parents encouraged her to dress modestly during her youth.
Now she is ecstatic with the opportunity to build her new identity among a group of optimistic strangers.
At times she is capricious and naïve.

About The Artist

Cynthia Pareja Dubin

Cynthia Pareja Dubin. (b. Lima, 1986) is a Peruvian artist living in New Jersey. Her practice is based in abstract painting and collage, to capture her formative inspiration and heritage in Lima, Buenos Aires and the United States as raw materials to visually convey a journey to an imagined universe.

At the age of 18 she transferred to "Universidad de Palermo" and moved to Argentina. During the next years, living in a city rich in inspiration, she took art history courses and painting techniques that fostered her passion for the pre- and post- war Avant-Garde, all while taking the creative influence the two cities of Buenos Aires and Lima had to offer. She graduated from the Universidad de Palermo with a BA in Graphic Design where she was awarded First Prize for Editorial Design.

After graduating, she returned to Lima where she worked painting Objet d'arts and participated in the Peruvian U.N Fair. As her next position, Pareja Dubin worked as a professor of branding and graphic design with the marketing department for the Peruvian Institute of Art and Design (I.P.A.D) in 2012. She finished this opportunity by being part of a judging panel for the students' theses. She then moved to the Greater New York Area where she continued her artistic development at the Art Students League of New York.

Pareja Dubin's work has been featured in several group exhibitions, including The Peruvian UN Fair, Lima, Peru (2012), Equinox, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), Brilliant, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), Conceptual, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), 12 × 12, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), Boxing Day, New York Art Gallery, NYC (2019), Manufacturers Village Open Studios, East Orange, NJ (2021), The Art of Dreams, Brooklyn Art Cave, NYC (2022), Beyond the Brush, Alfa Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ (2022), Parallel Universes, Paper Mill Playhouse Gallery, Milburn, NJ (2022), 4 Hands, Jnunez Gallery, Millburn, NJ (2022) and 14C Art Fair, Jersey City (2022).

Her first solo exhibition "Intangible Ecosystems" took place at the Hotel Sofitel, Philadelphia (2023). Noteworthy Magazines and publications that have recognized Pareja Dubin's artistic practice include Juxtapoz Magazine, Elephant Magazine, Artspiel, The Racket Reading Series San Francisco, Tapinto NJ, Art in New York City, New Brunswick City Center and New Jersey Stage.

In 2021, Cynthia was awarded with the "Liquitex" Just Imagine Residency: Acrylic Mediums, she was selected by a panel of artists, curators and art writers for a fully funded residency supported with a studio, professional development and materials to take place in the Manufacturers Village in East Orange in May, 2021. Pareja Dubin is devoted to visual concepts and colors. Her intricately blended backgrounds, swirling palette and otherwordly shapes transport the viewer far away from the everyday world. She assembles recycled textures and materials sourced from her own creations to compose unique structures, manifesting a new ecosystem from discarded elements.


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