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Oil Painting on Canvas


76.2 x 101.6 cm

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Artist Statement

Growing up in Bhaktapur, Nepal, there were few opportunities for women in my mother's generation to read and write. But seemingly small opportunities can make a long term impact on an individual. In this regard, my mother's story itself is an inspiration to me.

She had to leave school early in her childhood to work in the family fields. But in her 30s, she had the opportunity to take adult literacy classes and learn reading, writing and math. This in turn enabled her to run a fertilizer and seed shop for local farmers. It allowed her to gain mobility from a farmer to a business person capable of handling her finances and resources.

My painting depicts her on a normal day in her shop, with the board above showing the women farmers from Nepal. By juxtaposing the two, I wanted to depict the huge differences small opportunities given to women can make in their lives. This in turn contributes to a society where women are as empowered as men. Thus, in my interpretation of the theme, I have drawn from my own life to reflect on small, grassroot changes that contribute to making a fairer society.

About The Artist

Pooja Duwal

Pooja Duwal is a visual artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She completed her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Kathmandu University, Department of Arts in 2019. Having majored in Studio Art, she is passionate about telling stories around her through the medium of painting. She is part of Aakrit Collective, an artists’ collective based in Bhaktapur. She is also passionate about writing.


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