The Art



Powerful gentleness


Acrylic on canvas


160cm x 120cm

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Artist Statement

The most powerful and complex beings in the universe are women. Women may seem weak and powerless in the eyes of men, but do you know that inside they hide something that men overlook. That is the beauty of the mind, patience, strength, kindness. that is included in the identity of women. It is like a power that can create and change everything.

This painting, I got inspiration from My mother who may seem like an ordinary woman to others, but to me she is the most strong, patient, gentle and strong person. From this inspiration, I have conveyed this work to convey a gentle beauty but full of the power of ideas that men like us cannot deny.

About The Artist

Souliya Poumivong

Souliya is well known to audiences in Laos for his educational and entertaining stop-motion animated series produced at Clay House Studios. He also uses his signature protagonist Buffalo and the Clay Man to hone his contemporary art. Souliya's Buffalo is a metaphor for Lao citizens. and his art offers a careful reflection on the contemporary reality of Laos. social order exchange of information and knowledge of Laos abroad.

Souliya's art is known internationally. And he attended workshops, residences and exhibitions. in different countries including Japan, Korea, Singapore and Germany. Souliya's work has been featured in the prestigious Asia Pacific Triennial (Brisbane, Australia), Cheongju biennale, Cheongju city, Korea, Bangkok Art Biennale 2020, Bangkok Thailand.

In addition to producing stop-motion animation and contemporary art, Souliya also Teaching photography and new media at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Vientiane which he has a visual communication design department.

The Process

The Interview

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