The Art



Between the peaceful movement and the words


Drawing batik on fabric with synthetic dyes


150c m x 37.5 cm (2 pcs) & 180cm x 75 cm

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Artist Statement

This is the story of daily cultural life of the woman in some provinces in Indonesia, especially with the farthermost area/villages. They are really well respected to keep their ancestral roots and still exist today. Indonesia is a maritime country with thousands of Islands yet with a variety of cultures, traditions and traditional languages.

Things such as globalization era in some ways would be a giant border for the woman who still have to follow “the traditionality of life”. On the other hand, the spirit of togetherness as a strong woman with guts when they want to build their own future are also the issue.

I want to give something to keep their dreams alive, even in the hard time. If we can be together in every point of life, so we can build a strong character in many purposes. Traditions from our maritime roots had been spread widely to our mind since centuries ago, which can be a sign to become a better person, respect with every community, spreading the positive traditions, and all of those things are our puzzle of hope for the better future for everyone in a peaceful way.

About The Artist

Dias Prabu

Dias Prabu is a visual artist, painter and muralist who was born in Malang, East Java, Indonesia in 1987. Graduated from Bachelor Degree of Art Education in Surabaya State University in 2009 and continued to Master's program at The Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta and graduated in 2012. He Lived and worked in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Dias started his career as a visual artist since 2010. He was selected as young artist residency in Tembi Rumah Budaya in Yogyakarta and Jakarta in 2011 which to became his first art residency. He also won the best winner of National mural competition in 2014 initiated by National Gallery of Indonesia.

He created a long mural (5 meters x 16 meters) with his crew “foreverfat” with the theme of “Indonesia’s culture in the future”. After that moment, Dias got several experiences to make commercial and art project related to mural which brought him to almost all over provinces in Indonesia. He even explored to the outermost and innermost islands in Indonesia with his mural project based on traditional story from the Islands then he combined it with mural artwork, such a Natuna Islands and Selayar Islands.

His biggest goal to this project is working with locals, students, teachers, and people who lived in the Islands then together we made artworks through mural based on their story. After that, the locals got the impact from that murals such as, economy, well known Islands and the most important is for the younger nation’s future whom could more care about their traditional story.

In 2015, Dias became finalists in some prestigious art competitions such as, UOB Painting of the year 2015 and the Mandiri Art Award. In 2018, Dias has been selected for art residency by Jogjakarta Art Festival. In this residency, Dias worked in one of “traditional hand-drawn batik village” in Wonosari Jogjakarta, Indonesia for almost 3 months.

Dias has learnt a lot about batik until he found some techniques which suited to his style in mural context. The combination between drawing mural mixed with traditional hand-drawn batik were became a turning point of his career then he named it with “The Drawing Batik”. This new technique has brought him to some art projects and art exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad. At this time, Dias keep working for his project called “Kultura project” bringing batik technique as part of his work combined with drawing to be presented globally.

Dias also a founder of Kultura Collectiva which working inclusively and collectively together with other artists in different disciplines such as fashion, ethnic music artist, performance art, fine art photography and video art. His previous solo exhibition was in June-July 2023 exhibition at Crary Art Gallery in Warren Pennsylvania, US. Dias with his Kultura Collectiva group, also have done so many art projects such as ethnic music collaboration with contemporary music performance and art workshops for hand-written batik, ethnic music, performance art and mural artworks for schools, communities and locals in several places in Indonesia, Australia and New York USA.

Dias is currently preparing his solo show for 2024 in Artspace Mackay, Queensland, Australia and IOTA 2024 (Indian Ocean Triennial Art). Moreover, he also making some art projects with his Kultura Collectiva to represents educational and cultural movement based on collaboration between traditional history with contemporary art for communities.


The Process

The Interview

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