The Art



Looking for the dream


Oil on canvas (palette knife)


81.28 x 60.96 cm

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Artist Statement

In this work of art, it is reflected in oil painting on canvas, where you can appreciate the colorful attire of the Mayan indigenous peoples of Guatemala. Alongside the majestic Lake Atitlán and its imposing surrounding volcanoes, and the magnificent Tikal temple, one of the most important sites for the ancient Mayan civilization.

In Mayan culture, the sacred book of the Popol Vuh tells us that we were formed from corn, as our bodies and bones are made of corn dough. As a gesture of gratitude, man and woman learned to cultivate the land and give it life through corn cultivation. Following the story of the origin of life, the peasants of Mayan families still give thanks to nature today.

Corn and its fruits are derived from four colors: black, yellow, white, and red. Each one represents the four cardinal points: north, south, east, west. It also represents the four cultures of Guatemala: the Xincas, the Garifunas, the Ladinos, and the Mayas. Sometimes corn is mixed with the four colors, symbolizing that we all mean and are worth the same, regardless of our color, race, or ethnic origin.

In a country like Guatemala, achieving an important position in politics, society, culture, among other roles, sees limited participation from women. Although constitutional articles grant the right to equal opportunities as a fundamental right, there is still little participation due to the lingering sexism that can exist.

If a woman with resources and status has limited participation in important positions such as social, economic, and political roles, we can hardly imagine an indigenous woman, being poor and having limited access to such opportunities. That's why the work is titled "Searching for the Dream" because we are still searching for those opportunities.

If women had the same opportunities to develop their full potential, the world would not only be fairer but also more prosperous. It's a bit difficult to find an answer to this. But I envision Guatemala as a corn plant blooming, alongside the shining sun, where my country, as well as men, women, boys, and girls, have the same opportunities, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background. So that we can all be part of the transformation towards a better world.

About The Artist

Joselyn Micaela Cholotio Perez

At just 20 years old, Joselyn Cholotío has countless achievements in her life. Recognitions in cultural and social events are added to the list of activities in which she has stood out, participating in art exhibitions at a national and international level. It is worth mentioning her art exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, the United States, among other countries of the world.

She was recently awarded by the Ministry of Economy of Guatemala as one of the 10 outstanding women entrepreneurs nationwide. Joselyn is a young artist with dreams, with goals to achieve, a lover of art, entrepreneurship and politics. And that she, through her talent, contributes to the construction of a better present and future for Guatemala. She considers that age and being a woman are not a limitation to being able to get involved in politics and break paradigms about indigenous women.


The Process

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