The Art



La Pantera es vernacular (The panther is vernacular)


Acrylic, enamel, crayon, marker and spray on canvas


90 x 65 cm

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Artist Statement

I imagined a world in which all women have equal opportunities. This world is full of symbolism, icons, and divine representations, representing in many cases the strength, power, and freedom of women. As the maximum symbol of strength and hierarchy, we have a black panther, free and queen of her environment.

The felines were always worshiped by ancient cultures and in this case, we have a representation of a divine and immortal being. "Vernacular" means "native and local"; in this case, the panther only belongs to itself, so it is vernacular in its very existence.

About The Artist

Guto Ajayu (Augusto Felipe Mendoza Mendieta)

Guto Ajayu is a young Bolivian-Spanish artist (1990) who has exhibited institutionally at the Venice Biennale, the National Museum of Art in Bolivia, the Tambo Quirquincho Museum, the Ducal Palace Museum of Medinaceli, the Royal Academy of Art in London and the Conde Duque Museum; He also in galleries and art fairs in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Madrid, Mexico City, La Paz, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Marbella, Monaco, Luxembourg, Rome, and Puebla. His work is found in public and institutional collections such as the Tambo Quirquincho Museum, Museum of the Ducal Palace of Medinaceli, Mayor's Office of the city of La Paz, Bolivia; the presidency and vice-presidency, Minister of Cultures, Vice Minister of Government Coordination and Vice Chancellor of the Plurinational State of Bolivia; Governor of the department of La Paz, Bolivia; Rectorate of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and in private collections in Spain, France, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Monaco, Canada, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Australia. His work revolves around cultural memory and the creation of dystopian counternarratives full of irony, new symbology and an urban aesthetic.

The Process

The Interview

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