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Our Story

The ultimate inspiration for MOVE92 came from 20 years of observation.

Founders Hal Nathan and Therese Caouette had been actively involved in the effort to grant directly to local groups in Southeast Asia, and year after year, they saw that it worked. They had a shining example of how and why trust-based philanthropy is powerful.

But after decades of trust-based granting, they realized this way of empowering local communities could go beyond Southeast Asia.

They wanted to spread the word about funding to local leaders. They wanted to showcase the effectiveness of this way of working. They wanted to create a movement.

Enter the book Drawdown.

The idea for Move92 began when Hal read the book Drawdown, which highlights the fact that investing in girls and women’s leaderships (through education, health services and economic opportunities) is the #1 thing we can do to reduce the impacts of global warming.

Hal invited Therese to work with him in building this movement. They used what they knew was effective, and then created Move92 to spread the word. Move92 began their first grants in Thailand, the Mekong Sub-Region, Indonesia and Guatemala. Therese then invited Geneva Loftus, a long-time colleague, to work together to identify opportunities for collaborations.

Today, Geneva is taking the lead in Move92 ‘s growth and expansion with a strong emphasis on getting the Move92 word out globally. Geneva is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, which opens up exciting opportunities for engaging an Asia Pacific donor base and network of local leaders here as well.

Our Story

Geneva Loftus

Executive Director

Located in Christchurch, NZ

Therese Caouette


Located in Bangkok & Seattle WA

Hal Nathan


Located in Inverness, CA

Taylor Ray

Located in Sausalito, CA

Michou Tchana-Hyman

Located in Bangkok, Thailand

Graciela Rodriguez Carmona

Located in The Bronx, NY

Katie Hess

Located in Dublin, Ohio

Pin Bunnag

Located in Bangkok, Thailand